Hollow Grinder

303 N 17th Ave E, Ely, MN 55731

Toll Free: 800-541-1458

The Razor Edge Hollow Grinder consists of two specially formulated grinding wheels designed to remove excess metal from both sides of a blade thinning it in preparation for the new cutting edge. It creates the desired relief on your blades essential to producing and maintaining a truly razor-sharp edge. No matter what kind of cuts are made, through fat, meat or bone, the hollow-ground blade will cut better, with much less effort, and maintain its edge longer. 

The Heavy Duty Hollow Grinder is maintenance free and easy to operate. There is no wheel dressing required with this system and wheels can be changed in seconds. If your current system uses spiral wheels you probably experience wheel shattering problems due to misalignment, with our system you can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year on wheel replacement alone! 

Width: 31"
Depth: 24"
Height: 47"
Net weight: 325lbs
Motors: 2
Power: .50HP per motor

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