Knife and Scissor Totes

"A Safe, Economical Way to Transport, Sanitize and Store Your Knives and Scissors"

Ideal for meat, poultry and fish, or other industries using knives or scissors, these industrial strength storage totes feature mesh sides for easy knife and scissor sanitizing, enclosed slotted storage for blade protection and a stable, non-tipping body structure.

Razor Edge Systems’ Totes help you avoid injuries and improve productivity. These totes eliminate the hazards of storing your knives while protecting edge life before and after sharpening. Available in six different sizes to meet your knife transportation and operation’s needs, totes store 20, 40, or 80 knives. The short knife totes accommodate up to 7½" blades and feature telescoping handles for easy storage. Tall totes accommodate blades up to 10 inches.


Dimensions: 16" h x 12" w x 16" l

1-2-ST with telescoping handle
Dimensions: 8" h x 11" w x 12" l


Dimensions: 16" h x 16" w x 19" l

1-2-MT with telescoping handle
Dimensions: 8½" h x 12" w x 16" l


Dimensions: 16" h x 16" w x 24" l

1-2-LT with telescoping handle
Dimensions: 6" h x 16" w x 24" l

Knife Tote Advantages

Superior protection:
Prevent edge damage before and after sharpening; enclosed storage slots hold blades securely

Improved edge performance:
Keep edges from becoming nicked and dull

Convenient sanitation:
Mesh sides allow for easy knife cleaning and inspection

Increased efficiency:
Stable, non-tipping body structure for safe and secure transportation

Easy identification:
Knife slots can be numbered for employee accountability