The Mousetrap® Steel

“What sets the Razor Edge MOUSETRAP® STEEL above  the knock-offs? Measurable Results!”

The first of its kind developed for the meat industry in the early-1980’s and producing phenomenal results that forever changed the inability of a new hire to maintain as sharp an edge as a seasoned veteran, the Razor Edge Mousetrap Steel is often imitated but never equaled! All three models will maintain a sharp edge and restore knife edges that have been damaged by contact with metal, tooth or bone.

MT18 Model

MT18  - The Razor Edge Mousetrap Steel is the most trusted steeling device of its kind and is widely used in many US and Canadian plants because it works! This version of the Mousetrap Steel is durable and will keep your knives sharp throughout a shift.

MT18C Model

MT18C - After listening to the ideas and feedback of our customers, we are very excited to introduce the re-designed MT18 Mousetrap® Steel. The MT18C is a better performing, more durable, less expensive product with fewer replacement parts and no wing rod aligning or adjusting! What does that mean for you? Notable results and greater profitability!

Now with S.M.A.R.T. technology:

  • Sharper, longer lasting edges!
  • More durable product!
  • Attractive reduced price!
  • Reduced labor cost!
  • Take out the hassle- fewer parts!

The Mini-Mousetrap® Steel

The Mini-Mousetrap Steel was designed for tight quarters and mobility. After listening to the ideas, feedback, and needs of our customers for a compact, portable steeling device that actually works, we are very excited to present Razor Edge Systems Mini-Mousetrap® Steel. The Mini-Mousetrap is the lightweight version of the latest Mousetrap Steel model, the MT18C - yet, is as durable and result-driven as its big-brother. Don’t let its size fool you! The Mini-Mousetrap can withstand the rigors that any production line has to offer and can be mounted on the lines or carried on the employee in tight quarters. Weighing in at only 10 oz, the Mini-Mousetrap is a brilliant addition to your production lines requiring only minutes to master.

The SMART choice for your production lines.

  • Sharper, longer lasting edges!
  • Miniature size!
  • Attractive price!
  • Rugged construction!
  • Transportable!