ScissorMax Sharpener

"The Unrivaled and Worry-Free Sharpening Solution"

The long awaited solution to dull scissors affecting your bottom line has come to an end. The Razor Edge ScissorMax will consistently and easily produce a sharp, smooth scissor edge and will impact your yield, production, employee morale, scissor expenditures and hand injury-related costs. The innovative, proven and patented Razor Edge Systems’ Clamp and C-Slide sharpening method ensures a simple and quick sharpening procedure with unrivaled results.

The ScissorMax Advantage

The Sharpest Scissor:
Consistently and easily producing superior results of any scissor sharpener. The Razor Edge ScissorMax results will impact yield and production, scissor expenditures and employee morale.

Easy to Operate. Easy to Maintain:
The tested and trusted Clamp and C-Slide method developed and used by RES, first for knives and other straight blades and now for scissors, is known for its simplicity of operation and maintenance.

Reduced Sharpenings = Decreased Expenditures:
The Razor Edge ScissorMax will significantly extend the life of your scissors by reducing scissor sharpening frequency.