Sharpening Service

Razor Edge Systems Knife Sharpening Service is for those who want a superior edge, period! Razor Edge Systems will deliver unequalled edges with one to two day turnaround, unrivaled customer service coupled with exceptional business ethics and standards.  Razor Edge Systems – the trusted name with over 50 years of pioneering research and developing sharpening products for the consumer and earning the trust of the largest meat processing companies in the USA and Canada.

  • Hollow Grinding (thinning of the cutting edge)
  • Tip repair
  • Nicks & chips
  • Reverse bow

It is part of who Razor Edge Systems is  to care for your knives with the utmost  of professional attention whether your knives are used for your profession or not.

Print The Knife Sharpening Form

Note: We do not sharpen serrated or concave edges. Knives are to be shipped to us clean and safely wrapped and in a box.