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It all began with a sharpening guide and two hones almost 50 years ago.  Since then we've built a company around re-defining what "Sharp!" is.  Today, our high-volume knife sharpening systems are in the largest meat and poultry processing facilities in the USA and Canada.

But we've stayed true to keeping things simple and building a quality product.  The two knife sharpening kits presented here represent everything we know and care about regarding how to consistently achieve sharp edges.

Our products are American born and American made, right here in Ely, Minnesota, where we also do our share of hunting and fishing. We understand you take pride in your knives and how they perform and we believe you'll appreciate the pride we have for our products once you try one.


The Sportsmen's Kits

Our hones are designed to our specifications; one coarse and one ultra-fine.  Our sharpening guide was developed in the late 1960s and was the first of its kind, providing the necessary angle and control for an unrivaled edge.  If you've never used a Razor Edge guide, we think you'll notice a real difference in how sharp your knife can be.

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The Deluxe Professional Kit has two size guides – The Cub Guide for small blades such as paring knives or pocket knives  and the Razor Edge Guide for all your blades over 3.5".

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The Professional Kit is a great starter kit, designed for blades 3.5 inches and longer, however can be used on shorter blades. It includes the Razor Edge Guide and 6" coarse and fine hones.

See what our customers are saying about our products.....

I am a Marine Infantryman and learning to put an edge onto our tools of the trade is considered a basic skill and taught to the boots in year one. The system we were taught and continue to pass along is the "Razor Edge" system. I bought my first kit 15 years ago and my second kit 5 years ago. They are tough and last a good long time. My two kits have accompanied my boys and I around the world and yes, even to Iraq. When one gets done they pass it to another. It is always in use.

Darryl Benson
Master Sergeant of Marines

I received my order and jumped straight into sharpening a new knife I had bought. On my first attempt I created a perfect edge. Thank you for the great service and a superior product.

Andrew Geddes

Just wanted you to know, I picked up the guides at the UPS office. My Dad likes them & now wants to have a competition with me (I freehand my knives).

Well I lost. 32 cuts through 550 cord, & 18 through 1" rope for me, 50 cuts through 550 cord, & another 50 through rope for him. Actually we ran out of rope to cut for him.

John P Velas, Jr SPC NG NG NGB

About eight years ago my dad and I each bought a knife sharpening kit after I checked out your book at the local library. I just wanted say how valuable the equipment and knowledge has been to us.

My friends that use my knives always comment how easily they cut and want to know how I get them so sharp.  Thanks for offering a great system, book and quality products. My boys will be learning from your experiences soon.

Kurt Miller

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