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  • Ultimate Professional Kit

ATTENTION: CEO, Master Chef, Big Game Hunter, Trophy Fishermen!

Our top of the line Ultimate Professional Kit was created with you in mind. This is a sharpening system you will be pleased to use and proud to display. The oak storage box is handcrafted right here in Minnesota. Our guides give you the angle and control essential to achieve an optimum edge. The result is a kit that gives you a perfect sharpening angle and perfect control for a perfect edge, the first and every time you use it.

The handcrafted oak box contains:

  • Razor Edge Book of Sharpening
  • Razor Edge Guide (for blades longer than 3 1/2")
  • Cub Guide (for blades 3 1/2" and shorter)
  • 8" Coarse Hone
  • 8" Super Ultra Fine Hone
  • Razor Edge Edge Tester
  • Raz-R-Steel
  • Razor Edge Basic Knife Sharpening DVD
  • Instructions - Safety Pads - Wrenches


Ultimate Professional Kit

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