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  • Mousetrap® Steel

    Light years ahead of the traditional butcher's steel, the Mousetrap® Steel has been used for years in meatpacking and poultry processing plants to restore and maintain sharp edges…

  • Ultimate Professional Kit

    Our top of the line Ultimate Professional Kit was created with you in mind. This is a sharpening system you will be pleased to use and proud to display...

  • Deluxe Professional Kit

    This Deluxe Professional Kit contains both a 6" coarse and super ultra fine hone (6"x2"x1/2"), the Razor Edge Guide for blades longer than 3 1/2", the Cub Guide for blades 3 1/2" and shorter, the pocket size Raz-R-Steel for maintaining your edges and Edge Tester to instantly determine edge perfection...

  • Hand-Held Mini-Mousetrap Steel

    The Mini-Mousetrap Steel (hand-held version) is our newest steeling device - compact, portable and lightweight yet durable and result-driven....

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