About Us

About Razor Edge Systems™

Here at Razor Edge Systems™, our top priority is operating with honesty and integrity – and it’s been that way since we first started. We’ve spent decades developing quality, USA-made products, & becoming a well-respected and trusted resource within the sharpening industry.

We do it because we’re driven to be entrepreneurs. We also do it to improve the lives of others – our employees, customers, and community – and running an ethical business helps us achieve that goal.

For the past 60 years, we’ve developed a rich history, which includes revolutionizing the sharpening industry with this knife sharpening system. Early on, we set the standard for what “sharp” meant when it came to edges. Today, we continue to be the standard and take this responsibility seriously, for both our customers and employees.

As for our values, our family-owned and operated company is located in the small town of Ely, Minnesota, and that says a lot about what matters to us. We care about people – our customers, our employees, and their families – and we show this care by creating a people-first work culture and by contributing to nonprofits focused on helping others.

Today, Joe Juranitch, Mary Graves and Dan Graves own the business. Kathy McDonald, an employee of nearly 20 years, is our General Manager.

Our History


Razor Edge Systems™ was founded by John Juranitch who began researching and studying the cutting edge as a barber during the Korean War. His lifetime of study led to the development of products that literally re-defined what "Extreme sharp!" really is.


John's first invention was a knife sharpening guide that attached to the back of a knife for proper angle and control and sharpening hones that, when combined, would produce a shaving edge.


At one of many blade sharpening and beard shaving events over the years, John's son, Joe, beat his dad's Guinness World Book record in 1987 at the AMI in Chicago.

Razor Edge Systems™ pioneered and developed the first central knife sharpening system for the meat processor obtaining notoriety for extreme and unheard of edges - a tremendous contribution to the meat processing industry's profitability, production and their people.


John, with his wife Rose and their 5 children, moved from Milwaukee to Ely, the Boundary Waters Wilderness Area gateway in northern Minnesota, where the company planted its roots and continues to operate business today.

During the early years, John and his sons manufactured the knife sharpening equipment in a small log shed on their homestead property, heated only by a small wood stove during the winter months, where the temperatures commonly drop to -30 degrees.


The original and first of its kind, the Mousetrap® Steel, was developed to restore and maintain an extremely sharp edge. Over the years numerous inferior imitations tried unsuccessfully to replicate the results of the Mousetrap. Earning its name during the test period at a beef plant in Iowa, the workers referred to the steeling rods as mouse whiskers and associated the "snap" sound made during its use as that of a mousetrap, hence the name Mousetrap Steel.


Today, we continue in our commitment to serving the meat and poultry processor. Our foundation still being our customer – listening to and understanding their needs before offering solutions, providing unrivaled customer service programs, and continuing to work with them on edge related challenges, always aiming to exceed their expectations. We are thankful for the meat processing industry and the many processors who have trusted their knife programs to us today and over the past 40 years.