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Industrial knife sharpening equipment you can rely on for optimal performance, efficiency, and durability

Razor Edge Systems has been serving the USA and Canada meat processing industry since the early 1970s. We supply performance-driven products and customer-centered service that positively impacts the overall results of your sharpening program. Razor Edge Systems has more than 50+ years of dedicated experience and contribution to the meat processing industry. Through hard work, commitment, and strong business ethics, we have earned the position as the most trusted source for sharpening equipment and customer service throughout the USA and Canada. All our products are USA-manufactured and quality control tested. 

In the early 1970’s we were the first company to develop the centralized sharpening system that eventually replaced the problematic and inefficient sharpening method where each employee manually sharpened their own knives. Razor Edge Systems was the instrumental pioneer that led and paved the way to completely revolutionizing and impacting the industry in terms of profitability, yield, production, efficiency, employee turnover, and the health, safety, and morale of employees as related to their knife program.  

Razor Edge Systems’ products and equipment, coupled with our committed customer support and service, continue to lead the way for meeting the stringent demands and requirements of the meat processor.  Our commitment is to provide result-driven sharpening solutions and unrivaled customer service. 

Our History

1955 - Razor Edge Systems' earliest beginnings were solely studying the cutting edge of a knife which lead to products that literally redefined what "Extreme sharp!" really is.


The result of years of R&D and trial and error led to the development of a sharpening guide that attached to the back of a knife for proper angle and control and when combined with sharpening hones produced a shaving edge.


Razor Edge Systems™ pioneered and developed the first central knife sharpening system for the meat processor obtaining notoriety for extreme and unheard-of edges - a tremendous contribution to the meat processing industry's profitability, production, and their people. 


The original and first of its kind, the Mousetrap® Steel, was developed to restore and maintain an extremely sharp edge. Earning its name during the test period at a beef plant in Iowa, the workers referred to the steeling rods as “mouse whiskers'' and associated the "snap" sound made during its use as that of a mousetrap – hence the name Mousetrap® Steel.  Legend has it that Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “If you build a better mousetrap, the world will beat a path to your door”. Well, a better Mousetrap® has yet to be built.


Countless changes and upgrades have been made to the knife sharpening system for versatility, longevity, and performance. Since its development the knife sharpening system has been modified to sharpen other types of straight blades used in automated cutting or slicing machines.  The ScissorMax® and Razorlite® along with the Scissor Saver® are some of the products developed during this time period. 


The Judge®, Edge Evaluation System, was developed as a consistent and reliable tool for knife program efficiency and effectiveness. The Judge gives management reliable insight into what is happening in the knife room and on the production floor for the purpose of improvement.


XCell® Robotic Knife Workcell. The fully automated XCell™ Knife sharpening workcell delivers lean automation without sacrificing the quality, reliability and sharp edges that you have come to trust in all Razor Edge Systems products.

Today, 50+ years since our beginning, we count it a privilege to continue being an integral component to the heartbeat of meat and poultry processing. We are grateful for this opportunity and to the many meat processing companies, large to small, who over the past 50 years have trusted their edges to our equipment, products, and customer support programs -  we do not take this privilege and responsibility for granted whether you have been with us for one year or forty years.  

Made In The USA

We are proud to have pioneered, developed, and patented all our sharpening products right here in the United States in Ely MN.  Each machine is individually made in the USA and receives a thorough inspection for quality control before leaving our facility. 

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