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Automated Systems

Razor Edge Systems™ has been a leader in industrial knife sharpening system for many years. We have been listening to our customers and developing new automated systems that will improve efficiency, safety, and precision to high-volume knife sharpening.

We understand that robotic automation is often long on promises and short on delivery. That's why we have been patiently working on developing a new line of automated systems that you can trust as much as our Pro Systems. Our reputation for reliability and customer service is paramount.

The Judge™

Edge Evaluation System

Introducing the “science of sharp” with the fully automated Judge™ (Edge Evaluation System). Our Service and Development teams have combined their collective knowledge and insights to build an instrument so sensitive and repeatable that it will fundamentally change your understanding of what is happening in your knife room and on your production floor.

With the Judge™, you get meaningful measurements of true cutting force and edge smoothness used to drive an onboard Expert Software System that provides you an overall assessment of your results.


Robotic Sharpening Workcell

Introducing the new fully automated XCell™ (Robotic Workcell), delivering lean automation without sacrificing the quality and reliability that you have come to trust in all our products. Each step of the knife sharpening process is integrated seamlessly into a “drop and go” workflow. There is no need to wait for a large batch to finish before you pick up a completed run. With XCell™, you can pick up a completed knife at any time without interrupting the robotic workflow.

Meeting your high expectations for precision and quality is really where the XCell™ proves itself. Each knife is optically imaged for a custom grinding profile that creates the sharpest edge without wasting valuable steel. Each step of the process is built upon decades of experience with our Heavy-Duty Systems.

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