Circular Blade Sharpener

The versatile circular blade sharpener will produce unequaled burr-free edges. Touting a small footprint, the compact and easy-to-operate CB1M sharpens blades from 3” – 12” and for extended edge longevity and blade life, the CB1M takes it one step further finishing the sharpening process by steeling the cutting edge to a smooth, fine finish on single or double bevel blades. The CB1M Circular Blade Sharpener will reduce blade sharpening frequency and blade replacement costs and will produce clean cuts for longer periods of time. It can also be converted in minutes for knife sharpening.

For convenience and versatility, the CB1 Circular Blade Sharpening Attachment will convert the Heavy Duty or Table Top Edger into a circular blade sharpener.

  • Unique single or double bevel steeling method
  • One hand operation
  • No wheel adjusting
  • Custom arbor sizes

3 Easy Steps:

  • Coarse Wheel
  • Fine Wheel
  • Steel


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