Heavy Duty System

Easy to Operate & Easy to Maintain: Built tough and designed for simple work-flow and minimal maintenance. The Heavy Duty 3 piece System is designed to withstand and perform for the most demanding high-volume sharpening requirement facilities. For efficiency, the Heavy Duty system can be operated by two sharpeners at the same time, if needed.

The newly upgraded Heavy-Duty System operates without water and features a dust collection vacuum system for both the Edger and the Buffer keeping the work area and knives clean and dust-free. It also features independently moving D-Slide rings for accurate and independent coarse and fine wheel adjustment.


Hollow Grinder

As the first step in the sharpening process (as needed), the Hollow Grinder quickly and evenly removes excess metal from both sides of the blade.

  • Energy-efficient Uni-drive system
  • 3 phase motor
  • Requires no wheel alignment
  • Shatter-resistant non-spiral wheels
  • Heavy-gauge stainless steel construction
  • Long-term durability and dependability
  • Simple and low-requirement care


The Edger features our unique D-slide and knife clamping system for producing a consistent and sharp edge along the entire length of the blade. The D-slide and clamp guarantee a correct and constant sharpening angle, eliminating over-sharpening and causing excess blade wear making it extremely user-friendly.

The Edger removes minimal metal during each sharpening, which significantly extends knife longevity. The edger can be quickly converted to sharpen straight blades, scissors, and circular blades by changing out the corresponding attachment.


The Buffer takes an already above-standard edge to a highly refined smooth and durable finish. It completes the sharpening process by eliminating the wire edge that causes drag, and delivers cleaner cuts.

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