Heavy Duty System


The Heavy Duty System is built to withstand the harsh industrial conditions of the large meat processor  for large volume sharpening. It is more than just sharpening equipment; it is a heavy duty, comprehensive solution to your edge related challenges: boosting yield, maintaining maximum blade performance and building employee morale. By combining our personalized installation, training and customer support programs with the HD’s outstanding features, we can help you overcome your production challenges and roadblocks attributed to dull knives and an inefficient knife program.

Hollow Grinder

The Hollow Grinder features heavy-duty stainless steel construction for extended and reliable performance. As the first step in the sharpening process, it quickly and evenly removes excess metal from both sides of the blade. Recognized by the industry for the simplicity of its mechanical design and energy efficient uni-drive system, the Hollow Grinder requires no wheel alignment and offers shatter resistant no-spiral wheels.  The heavy gauge stainless steel construction ensures long-term durability and dependability. By designing for simple and low-requirement care, we anticipate the maintenance details so you won’t have to.


Step Two in the sharpening process, the Edger features our unique D-slide system, which eliminates operator error and produces a consistent sharp edge along the entire length of the blade. The D-slide and clamp guarantee a correct and constant sharpening angle, making it extremely user friendly. Eliminating over-sharpening and excess blade wear, the Edger removes minimal metal during each sharpening, which significantly extends knife longevity. Scissors and other types of straight blades can also be easily sharpened on the Edger. Easy to maintain - wheels change out in seconds. 


The Buffer takes an already above-standard edge to a highly refined smooth and durable finish. It completes the sharpening process by eliminating the wire edge that causes drag, and delivers cleaner cuts, better yield and increased production on the line.

The HD Advantage

Easy to Operate, Easy to Maintain:
Built tough and designed from start to finish for simple work-flow and minimal maintenance, it’s the industry’s choice for a worry-free knife sharpening solution.

The Sharpest Knife Possible:
Superior and proven on the production line, HD’s sharper edge increases yield and productivity while reducing repetitive stress injuries, worker’s compensation claims and improving employee morale.

Heavy Duty Support:
Our investment in your operation starts with superb training and personalized follow-up visits based on your needs. Our goal: To keep your production line – and your people – at peak performance.