Table Top System

"The Only Versatile Knife Sharpening System - Compact and Worry Free!”

The Hollow Grinder, Edger and Buffer consistently produce the sharpest edge in the industry, increasing yield, production, knife longevity and employee morale while saving on knife purchasing and CTD injury-related costs. The Table Top system features innovative engineering such as the Edger and Buffer’s D-slide and constant-angle clamp and can easily sharpen scissors and other types of straight blades. The heavy gauge stainless steel construction ensures long-term durability and dependability. By designing for simple and low-requirement care, we anticipate the maintenance details so you won’t have to.

Hollow Grinder

The compact and very durable Table Top Hollow Grinder  is constructed for medium volume sharpening. As step one in the sharpening process, it easily removes excess metal from both sides of the blade surface. Recognized by the industry for the simplicity of its mechanical design, the Hollow Grinder requires no wheel alignment and offers shatter resistant, no-spiral wheels and can accommodate blades up to 11” in length.


With a correct and constant sharpening angle every time, the Table Top Edger eliminates operator error and results in a consistently sharp edge over the entire length of the blade. Eliminating over-sharpening and excess blade wear, the Edger removes minimal metal from the edge which extends knife longevity and is known for its simplicity of operation, versatility, reduced footprint and reduced maintenance time.


The Buffer takes an already above-standard edge to a highly refined smooth and durable finish. It completes the sharpening process by eliminating the wire edge that causes drag, and delivers cleaner cuts, better yield and increased production on the line. 

The Table Top Advantage

The Sharpest Knife:
Superior and proven on the production line, the Table Top System improves yield, production, knife longevity and employee morale while minimizing repetitive strain injuries and worker’s compensation claims.

Easy to Operate and Maintain:
This durable and compact system delivers years of trouble-free use, efficient operation and minimal maintenance.

Top of the Line Service:
Our investment in your operation starts with superb training and personalized follow-up visits based on your needs. Our goal: To ensure that your production line—and people—function at peak performance.