Long Blade Edger

"A worry-free blade sharpening solution for skinner, slicing, portioning, and  other long straight blades"

Decreasing blade usage and expenditures, and improving cut quality is what the Razor Edge Long Blade Edger delivers. The Long Blade Edger makes it possible to re-sharpen  blades thereby significantly extending blade longevity and reducing blade expenditures.

The Long Blade Edger Advantage

Sharper, longer-lasting Edge:
Proven to increase edge sharpness, blade longevity and cut quality beyond any other sharpening method thereby reducing replacement blade expenditures.

Easy to Operate, Easy to Maintain - Built tough and designed from start to finish for consistent edge results, reliability and minimal maintenance.

Exceptional Service:
Our investment in your operation starts with personalized training that will ensure optimal results. Our goal: To ensure maximum blade life, reduce blade expenditures, and improve cut quality.