Mousetrap® Steel

The original, patented Razor Edge Mousetrap® Steel was the first of its kind developed for the meat industry in the mid-1980s. It produced phenomenal results that forever changed the inability of a new hire to maintain as sharp an edge as a seasoned veteran.

The Mousetrap® Steel will not only maintain a sharp edge throughout an entire shift but it will restore an edge that has been moderately damaged by contact with metal, tooth, or bone. The Razor Edge Mousetrap® Steel is the most durable and trusted steeling device.

Note: knife holders are not included and can be purchased separately for the MT18, MT18C and MT16X-SS.



Heavy Duty

The Heavy Duty MT18 is the most trusted steeling device of its kind and is widely used in many US and Canadian plants because it works!


Heavy Duty

The Heavy Duty MT18C features a lighter weight, fewer replacement parts, and no wing rod aligning or adjusting!


Stainless Steel

The Stainless Steel Mousetrap® Steel takes performance and cost savings to a higher level.  Uniquely-functioning secondary steeling rods guide the knife into the slot, minimizing edge dulling or damage should the edge come in contact with the slop walls. The always consistent and reliable counterweight mechanism creates precise and calculated resistance for restoring a dulled edge, edge maintenance, and edge alignment.  Open design features coupled with the smooth electro polished surface produce stronger resistance to product build-up and contamination adhesion which equates to quick and thorough sanitizing.



The Mini-Mousetrap® Steel is compact and lightweight. The Mini-Mousetrap is the lightweight version of the latest Mousetrap Steel model, the MT18C - yet, is as durable. The Mini-Mousetrap can withstand the rigors that any production line has to offer and can be mounted on the lines or carried by the employee in tight quarters. Weighing in at only 10 oz, the Mini-Mousetrap is a brilliant addition to your production lines requiring only minutes to master.

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